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Why donate?  Your funds all go to Katie's Clinic for Rett Syndrome to cover the clinical care, research projects, and community education, that is not reimbursable by insurance or covered by grants.  No family is ever turned away.

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NIH funded - Natural History Study (2005 - Present)

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Clinical Research Center of Excellence Award (2017)


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Our Philosophy- The Enriched Environment

Research has documented that enriching
the environment can improve the condition
of Rett syndrome. Rett syndrome is not a
degenerative condition, rather, nerve cells are
small and underdeveloped. Through a process
called neuroplasticity, neurons form new
connections, allowing an individual to learn
and to build new skills.
We have compiled the elements of an
enriched environment:
• Communication
• Mobility
• Socialization
• Attention to apraxia/anxiety/neurosensory
• Optimal medical health
By integrating these elements into our
patients’ lives, learning and literacy can follow.
Appropriate therapies and the hard work
of families greatly contribute to creating
enriched environments for individuals with
Rett syndrome. Years of experience have
taught our team to presume competence in
the abilities of these individuals. We believe!

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